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Expertise in Control Technology

Sensor technology for ventilation and air conditioning systems  – A fresh wind for our customers

  • Sensors specially designed for the HLK-technology
  • Energy efficient control for
    • Temperature/Humidity
    • Pressure
    • Air quality
    • Occupancy
  • Assortment for all measurements in duct or room
  • State of the art innovative ventilation and climate solutions 

Temperature-humidity-sensors – optimal climate in every location

  • Gathering and monitoring of
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Brightness
  • Reliable reporting of critical states
  • Variants for every usage area, including:
    • Immersion temperature sensors
    • Air duct temperature sensors
    • Outdoor temperature sensors
    • Humidity-temperature sensors

Gas and CO warning devices

  • Prevention of gas concentrations that bare too high and could be dangerous to one’s health
  • Various monitoring devices (TGÜ, GWA)
  • Monitoring of
    • Carbon monoxide (CO)
    • Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)
    • Propane (LPG, C3H8)
    • Methane (Erdgas, CH4)
    • Freon (R134, R404 …)
    • ...
  • Perfect for garage monitoring, workplace monitoring, boiler monitoring …

Fire protection – Detect fires while they’re starting

  • Fire alarm solutions for the most various applications
  • Perfect cooperation between smoke sensors, control devices, and automation stations
  • Solutions for angular and round air ducts
  • Analysis devices present all data at a glance (AZE/STG)




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