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SENSO-X® – the new Generation

Coming in 2018: Be amazed at the new generation of SENSO-X®.

Donating instead of gift giving

This Christmas, as in years past, we honor a tradition dear to us and forego giving our customers presents. Instead we are donating to causes such as the United Nations Children's Fund and the handball team of TSV Neuhausen.

“Connected to“ Siemens

To provide fully assembled solutions for linking our components to DDC products from other manufacturers simply, quickly and cost-efficiently: that is the idea behind the “Connected to” function modules.

No more faulty wiring...

Thanks to Oppermann Safecabling®, Oppermann now introduces for the first time in its OPP-SENS® product line a new generation of transmitters with complete protection from polarity reversal. We’ve all seen something like this on the con­struction site: the positions of the power supply and the measure­ment output, to give one example, are accidentally reversed. Or the power supply is routed to the bus. Up to now this was a sure-fire failure criterion for the transmitter.

But not anymore.


Better plug in than wire up. Oppermann Regelgeräte is now offering its bus-capable OPP-SENS® transmitters optionally with the OPP-SENS® M12 BUS-SET.

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